Teaching English at Ironi Hey, 2016

Based on the assumptions that

• Language is not just a means of communication but also the mental space where thinking skills develop
• Learning a foreign or second language is very different from the way first language (native language also  referred to as mother tongue) is acquired

We, the English staff believe that
Our students are well motivated to invest in their English Every student has the right to study and succeed in every subject including English and each and every one of our students will be able do so, given our dedicated as well as highly professional teaching.
Our main goals are to:

1. Provide the necessary conditions so that all our students study English with pleasure and make progress at their own pace

2. Encourage all our students to achieve not only the best results in the state formal exams (Meitzav, Bagrut) but also actually improve their language skills and perfect their academic and creative writing, as well as speaking not only in everyday situations but also discussing general topics with other global scholars, delivering speeches and participating in national or international debates.
Beside the regular and necessary grammar, reading and listening comprehension, writing and speaking tasks, the English lessons at Irony Hey aim at bringing the world to the students with the help of interactive course books, access to the Internet, whiteboards, classic and modern literature, individual and group tasks that require them to think, create and cooperate, PBL (project based learning) that emphasizes the students’ responsibility for their own learning and allows them to influence the content taught to them.

We will spare no effort !!!
We'll see our students all the way from seventh to twelfth grade grow into happy, responsible, self-confident, well-read and eloquent young adults who will graduate equipped (with all the tender loving care we could give them) to cope with life demands everywhere they turn.


Diplomacy and International Communication in English
Additional 5-points studied in English

מספר ראשי 091580

About the major: Whether your future is in hi-tech, global business, or politics, Diplomacy and International Communication in English will develop the skills needed to participate effectively across cultures in the 21st century world: leading and working as a team, understanding and using the media and other social platforms, consensus building, conflict management, and critical and innovative thinking. All of these skills are integrated into a course of study that emphasizes an appreciation of cultural diversity and its impact on the worlds of business and politics.  English is the medium of instruction because English is the language of business, science and diplomacy today. It is also the international language that offers access to understanding other cultures.

Who can study it: This elective is only open to students studying English at the five-point level. The elective is studied in addition to, and separate from, general English Studies.

תוכנית היבחנות באנגלית

5 יחידות לימוד-

שאלונים חיצוניים: סוף כיתה יא ניגשים לשאלון E

אמצע כיתה י'ב בגרות בעל פה.

סוף כיתה י'ב ניגשים לשאלון G.

שאלון פנימי: הערכה בית ספרית- תכנית ספרותית.

במהלך כיתה י' עד י'ב ילמדו בסך הכול

שלושה סיפורים, שני שירים ומחזה אחד.

בנוסף על התלמידים להגיש 4 יומני קריאה .

מבנה הציון הסופי בשאלון F:

80% -ממוצע שלושת המבחנים שיערכו בסוף כל

שנת לימודים על היצירות שנלמדו באותה השנה.
כמו כן,
הציון יכלול בחנים ועבודות שיינתנו .

20%- ממוצע הציונים של ארבעת יומני